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how do i know which bitrate to download when i have a windows xp and dial up connection..? and will i have to change that when i get broadband in the future?About LIMEWIRE?
the higher the bit rate the better the quality, using dial-up it is a tough decision as it is terribly slow no matter what you do. so you might as well set it to the higher rate as to not have to change it latter :{About LIMEWIRE?
Bitrate is a description of how much data there is per second of the file.

The higher it is, the larger the file, and the better the quality.
Stop stealing music. You are stealing from the bands you like.

WinXP Explorer details view has lost columns like ';dimensions'; for images - how do I restore them?

Once upon a time, if I were in a folder full of MP3s I could change to ';Details'; view and then right-click the columns and choose to include Bitrate, duration, author etc. Or for pictures I could get the dimensions. Now, for all files and all folder templates when I right click the ';More...'; option is there, but it only gives me 9 options (Name, Size, Type, Date Modified, Date Created, Date Accessed, Attributes, Status %26amp; Owner) and not the 28 expected. Where are they? Can I restore them? I had a bit of a hunt around the registry but to no avail. I haven't tried System Restore because I'm not sure exactly when they disappeared, and I don't want to roll back because I have made a number of changes recently. I have tried diff-ing two Registry exports in WinMerge, but there's been so many changes I couldn't find one that was relevant.

Can anyone help?WinXP Explorer details view has lost columns like ';dimensions'; for images - how do I restore them?
I've tried to find an answer but to no avail.

What I suggest you do instead of a System Restore, is by creating a new profile (i.e. a username) and seeing if that one has any problems

At least if that one has no problems, you don't have to do a System Restore and you know th fault lies within your profile.WinXP Explorer details view has lost columns like ';dimensions'; for images - how do I restore them?
go to start, go into search. hit all .All your files and folders will can reset them from there.The only alternative that I know is system restore..You shouldn't loose all your info it may just be renamed. if you do you can use the first way I told you to restore them

How to put songs to friendster?

can someone tell me how to put songs from my harddisk to friendster?

-what is free web hosting site and how to put songs into the web? since i need to host the songs at web first..

-what is the best free program to lower the bitrate of the song? my friend told me that i need to make the bitrate smaller so that friendster can play it smoothly..

- last, how to change the songs in web to be code so that i can paste in friendster?

plz explain step by step..

thx a lot.. ^@^How to put songs to friendster?
Well, if you haven't searched the song at the internet yet, try searching an MP3 of it first. It's much more easier if you search it because some sites already have songs with the codes. I know a site who can host MP3s.....but I forgot the name, but it goes with the name ';flash'; something something. I really forgot the name of it, sorry.

I don't know anything about bitrates or what so I can't answer your 2nd question.

Hope I helped!

How can I avoid the video lag when I convert videos into a new format?

I'm using Tipard Video Converter to convert .mp4 videos from my camcorder to .mpg so I can edit them in another program. The conversion process always results in a video lag (compared to audio) by the end of the video. It's like the video gets slower and slower. I have some options to change the converted video's resolution, frame rate, and video bitrate. I can also adjust the audio's sample rate and audio bitrate. What can I do to avoid the lag?How can I avoid the video lag when I convert videos into a new format?
All of the outcome of your newly made video is the result of your hardware. If you have bad hardware, then your outcome is going to suck. If you have great hardware, you will be surprised with your outcome.

How can I change my mp3 bitrates?

My ipod makes an annoying loud buzzing noise when I play certain songs that have a 320kbps bitrate. How can I set it to 192kbps?? Or is this noise that buzzes every few seconds in the song cause by something else? It plays perfectly on the computer but it makes the noise on the ipod.How can I change my mp3 bitrates?
You need to download the 320 bps mp3s back into your computer and use an audio conversion program to change them to 192 bps. I have one called Creative Audio Converter.

Look online or look here under MP3: can I change my mp3 bitrates?
is it your headphones? try another pair or hook it up to stereo or somethin

prob not bitrate
About mp3 bitrates can be read in
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  • Adobe Audition 3.0 Exporting A File To Mp3 (Bitrate)?


    I was wondering how i can change the export bit rate it automatically exports as 128kbs even if i put in a 320kbs song and edit it (blank out swears) the song goes down to 128kbs when i export it.Adobe Audition 3.0 Exporting A File To Mp3 (Bitrate)?
    In Adobe Audition 1.5 when you choose ';save as'; and choose Mp3 there is an option button that allows you to choose the Bit rate instead of the default setting. I would look for either an Option or Advanced button. Hopefully this helps.

    How do i increase bitrate?

    like on media player. right now it is set at 400 kbps. does anyone know how to change itHow do i increase bitrate?
    eat quicker.How do i increase bitrate?
    That's about as high as you want to go!

    If you pick variable rate, you can get quality as good and use less space...